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   Don’t pay so-called professionals to fix your credit. Instead, use this do-it-yourself credit repair and credit score book. It's called Winning the Credit Score Game , and it lives up to the name. This book on credit is what the professionals don’t want you to have, and here’s why:

  • Lenders find errors on your credit report to push your interest rate up, this is called an up-sale.
  • Insurance companies charge increased rates for poor credit.
  • Credit card companies determine your interest rate based on your credit score.
  • Employers sometimes require you to show them your credit report.
  • Your credit score dictates how much extra cash you have each month.
  • Interest rates on student loans are determined by your credit score.
  • Interest rates on auto loans are determined by your credit score.

   Utilize the system offered in this book to avoid these pitfalls, and dodge the credit curve-balls that corporatists throw your way. This credit repair playbook is a small investment that offers a huge financial return; it’s a potential life-changer. Click here to get the book.

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