2018 Articles

Holiday Hangover - Article image.

Tis the season to be jolly. Assuredly, most of us are thinking about the gift(s) we will get for each of our loved ones. As we do so, we should be calculating to assure we do not suffer a financial hangover once the holidays are over. It is easy to fall off of our budget this time of year. We see the great sales that retailers offer, and we make a purchase.

Does Your Race Affect Your Loan Application - Article image.

I was recently asked whether a loan applicant’s race is a factor when their loan application is considered. Here's the answer.

New Fico Ultra Scoring System - Article image.

Starting next year, FICO will team with Experian and technology company Finicity to test a new type of credit score it is calling FICO Ultra. Learn how these new changes can work in your favor.


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Tips to Protect Your Credit Report Information - Article image.

In the wake of the Equifax data breach, over half of all Americans had their personal information stolen by hackers. This could have lifelong implications because your social security number and other personal info does not go stale, it can be used by some fraudster to set up an alter ego or individual credit accounts in your name.