2019 Articles

Visa Rewards Indian Giving - Article image.

When Big Finance introduced rewards based credit cards, they did so hoping to compel consumers such as you to use credit more often, earning them bigger profits. Rewards were found by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to be the top reason why consumers chose a credit card.

Poll vaulter - Article image.

When a creditor obtains your credit score, the odds are great that it will differ from the score you obtained. This can occur even where both of you seek a score at the same time.

Government Shutdown Financial Lesson - Article image.

The government shutdown is a financial lesson for them and us. It is human nature to get comfortable with our way of life, don't forget to plan ahead.

The Best Credit Repair Book 2019 - Article image.

Don’t pay so-called professionals to fix your credit. Instead, use this do-it-yourself credit repair and credit score book. This book on credit is what the professionals don’t want you to have.

Collection Accounts Often Reported Longer than Federal Law Allows - Article image.

Debt suckers, more commonly known as collection agencies, often improperly report the date a credit account went delinquent, which results in collection accounts staying on credit reports longer than the law allows.